Muft Ramadan Atta Subsidy 2023 in Punjab

Muft Ramadan Atta Subsidy 2023 in Punjab: The government of Pakistan has launched a social welfare program called the Ehsas Ramadan Rashan Package to help families in need during the holy month of Ramadan.

This initiative is part of the wider Ehsas program, which aims to improve living conditions and reduce poverty in Pakistan. The objective of the Ehsas Ramadan Rashan Package is to provide food rations to approximately 2 million eligible families across the country. These food baskets contain essential items and are aimed at ensuring that families can fast during Ramadan without worrying about their basic needs.

Muft Ramadan Atta Subsidy 2023 in Punjab

The Punjab Government has introduced a scheme called the Ramzan Relief Package 8070, which involves a subsidy of 64 billion rupees. The goal of this scheme is to provide free atta to ten crore people via the 8070 Atta Online Registration 2023.

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This initiative is specifically aimed at people with low-income levels and individuals earning less than 60,000 annually can register online starting from March 15, 2023. To register, interested individuals can utilize the 8070 Atta Apply Online By SMS feature.

Ata Online Registration 2023

If individuals do not have internet access, they can still apply for the Ata Online Registration 2023 through the SMS registration process. Simply send an SMS with the word “Atta” and your valid CNIC number to 8070 from your registered mobile number.

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Upon submitting the message, you will receive a confirmation SMS indicating your successful registration. This is an excellent option for those who cannot register online.

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