10th March 25000 Premium Prize Bond Result 2023

10th March 25000 Premium Prize Bond Result 2023

10th March 25000 Premium Prize Bond Result 2023: Premium Prize Bonds are a type of investment bond offered by the National Savings Pakistan. These bonds have a face value of Rs. 25,000 and provide an opportunity to earn a non-taxable profit on your investment. The prize bond draws are held quarterly, and winners are selected through a computerized ballot.

How to Check 10th March 25000 Premium Prize Bond Result 2023?

  • The Premium Prize Bond draw results are usually announced on the 15th of every third month.
  • You can check the draw results on the National Savings Pakistan website or by visiting the nearest National Savings Center.
  • To check the result online, you need to enter your bond number and select the draw date from the drop-down menu.

What is the Prize Money for the Premium Prize Bond?

The Premium Prize Bond offers a variety of prize money, including a first prize of Rs. 50 million, three-second prizes of Rs. 15 million each, and 660 third prizes of Rs. 312,000 each. The total prize money for the Premium Prize Bond draw is Rs. 1.15 billion.

Prize TierPrize AmountNumber of Prizes
First PrizeRs. 50,000,0002
Second PrizeRs. 15,000,00051
Third PrizeRs. 312,0001696

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Winner of 10th March 25000 Premium Prize Bond Result 2023

First Prize Winners – 909153, 471655

Second Prize Winners – 345865 529078 788892 549894 373523

Importance of Premium Prize Bond Draw Result

The Premium Prize Bond draw result is significant for those who have invested in these bonds as it gives them a chance to win significant prize money. It is also essential for those who are considering investing in these bonds to keep track of the draw results to make informed investment decisions.


The Premium Prize Bond is a popular investment opportunity in Pakistan. The quarterly draw results offer a chance for investors to win significant prize money, and it is essential to keep track of these results. By checking the draw result online or at the nearest National Savings Center, investors can stay informed about the status of their investments and make informed decisions about future investments.

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